Expert Panel on Securities Regulation

Creating an Advantage in Global Capital Markets


Table of Contents

The Memorandum of Understanding may be expected to include the following subject matters:

  1. The manner in which the federal regime should be implemented to allow for the Commission and Tribunal to be fully functional prior to the date of final implementation of the Act and federal rules (the “Effective Date”).
  2. Identification of who would have oversight and provide funding for the various stages of the transition.
  3. Whether and to what extent the existence of participating jurisdiction regulators and legislation would need to be continued.
  4. The location of the head office and regional and local offices of the Commission and Tribunal.
  5. Whether and to what extent the Commission and Tribunal would utilize existing premises and assets of the participating jurisdiction regulators.
  6. The transition and transfer of human resources, including participating jurisdiction commissioners, directors, and other regulatory staff to the Commission and Tribunal and the possible outsourcing of staff and functions between the Commission and Tribunal and participating jurisdiction regulators during the transition period.
  7. The transition of regulatory functions in process or those that may otherwise be ongoing such as regulatory reviews, applications, investigations, discussions, orders, enforcement proceedings, and other matters in progress.
  8. The ability of the Commission and the Tribunal to continue to act upon, and hear appeals, regarding matters that arose under local securities laws and rules, regulations, and instruments, including provisions to allow the Commission and Tribunal to continue to exercise powers of participating jurisdiction regulators.